M7 government is plotting to remove Buganda region and kingdom.

Recently the Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom expressed he was very disappointed with the central government decision to draw a new Uganda Map and remove Buganda region yet other parts of Uganda like Ankole region,Bunyoro,Karamoja,Busoga among others appeared well but when they reached to Buganda they named it as North central and South central.

Government explains why

The Uganda government says that the new drawn Map was produced by Ministry of Health showing how people from different parts of Uganda have managed to be immunized.

Doctor Sarah Atwine the general secretary in the ministry of health said that the main issue of the new map was to show how many children have been immunized in the whole country.

“……the map was drawn and produced by non-politicians nor non regional government ministry may be this would have been an issue” Dr.Atwine lamented.

Other leader’s views

Henry Kamya Makumbi Mityana South MP says, the mistake may have been done by the central government, and the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi ii is very right to complain about this map since he is the leader of Buganda region but there needs to be peaceful communication from both sides.

Ssemakula Luttamaguzi of Nakaseke South MP says that whoever does this, intends it trying to provoke the people of Buganda region “….so time has come Baganda people we think about supporting Baganda for the presidency that is when all this will have to end” Luttamaguzi stressed.

Buganda’s position in Uganda constitution

The constitution potion that lays all the districts of Uganda (the first schedule) that tied all districts of Uganda at first which were in Buganda by the time the constitution was passed in 1995.

During that time Buganda had districts like;Kalangala,Kiboga,Masaka,Mpigi,Mukono,Mubende,

Luweero and Rakai.

Article 178 close (3) talked about the above districts that make up Buganda,

Whe there was amendment of the constitution in 2005 close 5 was changed and it was cleared that the town Kampala which was in the middle of Buganda should be made the capital city and it will be led by the central government.

Dr.Adam Kimala Nsubuga the former katikkiro of Mamba clan and the chairman Luganda language,termed this as a  government plot to take away the name Buganda and to force Buganda people forget their histories and historical regions of Buganda.

“…for us we witnessed this some time back when the central government turned all Masaza towns into districts for example when they turned Ssese into Kalangala district intending to let people forget their norms.

Haji Ahmed Kateregga Musaazi the Bugand NRM secretary says that this was breaking the law of 1995 constitution that brought back Buganda on Uganda Map and 2005 amendment.

“….if they found Buganda very big to appear in their reports they would have divided it as North Buganda and South Buganda in order not to cause chaos among people”Kateregga Musaazi advised.

Haji Kateregga adds that the word central has been used by the government people when Kampala was removed from Buganda region thinking that calling it Buganda could disorganize people but Kampala was returned to Buganda region so there is no more need to call it central it should be called Buganda.