We are all Prisoners: Bobiwine Alerts Ugandans

Bobie wine was talking to journalists.

Kyadondo east member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu Alias Bobiwine has alerted Ugandans to wake up and fight for there freedom politically and economically saying they are all imprisoned by Museveni and his Mafias.

While speaking to this website, Bobiwine Said Ugandans should know that the Nrm government has never wished good to Ugandans but instead the other way.

He went further and advised the president to step back and not risk stand for presidency come next elections saying Ugandans are fade up of him and won’t rule them anymore. On divisions in NRM, Bobiwine said is one of the signs of a falling government.

He said, even in luwero were Museveni and the national resistance army fought the people still leave to regret why they gave in there support including children and food to the rebel group.

Kyagulanyi added that Ugandans should unite and fight together to prove the hat-rage they have towards the dictator who has walked away with every good of the nation.