How Kayihura saved Baroza out of Kawesi murder

Felix Kawesi was shot dead on 17/03/2017

It has been a year since Kawesi’s murder  entered the history of being the first person to be killed by many people.

The internal security organisation ISO has found out that there were also two men caught at  the scene of crime  where Andrew Felix Kawesi was shot more than 80 bullets to death and these men were collecting the flooring blood.

These men were sent by Jonathan Baroza the man who was known for being the next /helper man to Gen.Edward Kayihura and all these are some of the matters that were not focused to when the police was making investigations about this murder.

Gen.Edward Kayihura next to the officer from left and Jonathan Baroza next to the right of Kayihura.

Gen.Kale Kayihura made Baroza retired out of police then signed him to go to Algeria to do other work and take other studies last year.

However, according to Baroza’s close friend says, Baroza had gone to the scene of crime to provide protection to who ever was giving evidence on this .

Perharps, it is reportedly said,Baroza collected the flooring blood of the murdered Kawesi with intention of sealing the case.