Stop Fooling us :Bobiwine warns M7 Work on Security or get out of statehouse.

Kyadondo East MP Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has warned president Museveni and security forces to work on the security of Ugandans and make sure that kidnaps, arrests and deaths of innocent Ugandans stops or else people  may take a next move.

Bobi Wine, who came back on Wednesday  from his study tour abroad said, “I returned to the country to news of another young life lost in very disturbing circumstances. Like any of us, and like the many other young and old people who are murdered in cold blood each day in this country, Susan Magara had dreams, ambitions and aspirations.

All snuffed out in an instant by some cruel and heartless individuals! As we speak, the nation is engulfed in fear because non of us knows who will be next.

So many young lives are lost each day and those in positions of authority cannot explain.

Often times they arrest innocent people, torture them only for them to be cleared of any wrong doing. Kidnappings have become very normal.

Saddenly, it is even hard for the citizens to know who is who. As we have seen these past days, security forces kidnap people and throw them in vehicles without number plates.

‘ what does our president say? I just read his statement on this tragedy, and I am sure those who have read it were as shocked as I was. It shows a leader who is not in charge. He is not promising anything. Repeating the very things he has been saying year in year out.’ said Bobi wine referring to what the president kept on promising to Ugandan securities.

‘While he makes these promises, there is grief and pain in many corners of our country. Parents are crying. Spouses are inconsolable. Young children are orphaned due to senseless yet unexplained murders of parents and benefactors.

Only a few days ago, we watched with shock the kind of suffering victims of nodding disease in northern Uganda have to endure every day- in most cases dying slow painful deaths.

Friends, we must wake up and realize that we have a duty to play to redeem our nation before it is too late.” concluded Bobiwine.