‘Kisanja akunna muchezzo’ :Tycoon Sudhir squeezed over Nakasero PS land.

Sudhir Ruparelia has been squeezed today by Justice Catherine
Bamugemereire’s land commission. The commission summoned Sudhir to explain claims that he fraudulently took two acres of land belonging to Nakasero Primary School. Sudhir appeared before the commission at around 10am with his son Rajiv and his lawyer Peter Kabaste.

He was given a sit but few minutes later, the commission security officers came and told him to first go and make a written statement at the commission reception.

“Where are you taking me please,” Sudhir asked. He was later forced to
follow them but he defiantly remained standing at the door while
calling on his son and lawyer Kabatse. Kabatse escorted him to the
reception where he recorded his statement.

The commission learnt that Sudhir, through his defunct Crane Bank gave a mortgage loan of 3m dollars to Masses Prestigious Apartments Uganda Limited which belongs to tycoon Ntaganda. It also learnt that he had a hand in grabbing Nakaseero primary school land at plot 34A along Kyadondo road and plot 34 A1 along Mackinon Road Kampala.

The commission also squeezed Ntaganda, who was the director of Prestigious Apartments Uganda Limited together with a one Bob Kanabi, asking them who they work for in the government which assist him to grab public land.

Yesterday, Joel Kalyesubula Sekambembe the chairperson management
committee of Nakasero land and David Sengendo the former headmaster Nakasero pinned Ntaganda and former Kampala central division Mayor Godfrey Nyakana for fraudulently grabbing two acres of land from Nakasero primary school.

Sekabembe revealed that in 2016, the Auditor General, through his
annual report recommended that the Inspector General of Govrrnment
(IGG) and Uganda police, through its land protection directorate,
investigate the manner in which Ntaganda obtained the land.
Sengendo told the commission that on April 19 2011, he was approached by two gentlemen who introduced themselves as Ephraim Ntaganda and Bob Kanabi. They told him that they have a proposal which they wanted to share with the school management. The proposal was to develop the piece of land on plot 34A Kyadondo road and 34B Mackinon Road, where the school playground was located. They also promised to facilitate the rehabilitation of the school buildings by removing the old roof and replacing them with modern iron sheets in the color which the school management will choose.

Sengendo advised them to put their proposal in writing so that he can
give it to the management committee which they did through their
company Masses Pregious Appartment Uganda Limited. The chairman of the management committee Kalyesubula instructed Sengendo to call an ex-ordinary general meeting to discuss the matter because he was the secretary to the management committee. In the meeting, there was a heated debate where some members supported the give way of the school land while others didn’t. All of them later agreed to allow Sengendo to first go and do a due diligence at the Uganda Registration Service

Berau (URSB) to understand the type of company they were going to deal with. In his investigation, Sengendo discovered that the company was incorporated on August, 05 2010 in the names of two directors

Ephrahim Ntaganda and Bob Kanabi with 65 and 35 shares respectively. In October the same year, the company changed its directors to Muhamood Bahalan and Shadia Bahalan who took the shares respectively through their company Rocky Developers Limited.

Three days later, the company againchanged its directors to Ntaganda, Kanabi and David Walugembe in the names of Emirates Enterprises Limited. “The speed my lord at which this company changed its m directors and names scared me so I reported the matter to the management committee to decide on it,” Sengendo added.

Members were divided, a team led by former Kampala Central Division
mayor Godfrey Nyakana Amooti, Mariam Kizito, Dr Reginah Nayiga,
Geraldine Misavu, Vicente Gidudu went behind our backs and signed a
letter which they sent to the ministry of education and the Uganda
Land Commission claiming there is no objection to give away the school

Other members later wrote to the permanent secretary of Lands
Francis Lubanga and the late Mayanja Nkangi showing them the
inconsistences they had seen in the process of giving away the school

Jenifer Musisi the ED KCCA wrote to both Ministry of Education
and the Land Commission showing the inconsistencies in giving away
this land.

Lubanga replied to the management committee advising them
to find a way of protecting the school land because he had discovered
that it was fraudulently taken.

They decided to fence the land but Ntaganda used legal gymnastics to frustrate them. It’s this land that Ntaganda later placed as security to acquire a mortgage loan from Sudhir.