Opposition Mps challenge age-limit law

Parliamentary leader of opposition Winnie Kiiza
6 opposition Mps petitioned the Constitutional court seeking orders to nullify the newly enacted age-limit law which they  contend   contravenes several articles of the Constitution.
The group led by the leader of opposition in Parliament Winfred Kiiza says they are aggrieved with the whole process  and the actual enactment of the age-limit law which  they claim was tainted with flaws and untold tension.
The Mps also claim the bill  which was assented to by president M7 on the 27th/December 2017 was published and gazetted without instructions from the clerk to parliament .
Kiiza and the group are now seeking an  injunction against Government from enacting any of the provisions of the  age-limit law on grounds that it does not reflect the true will of Ugandans as  country wide consultations to collect people’s views  were restricted by police .
In the petition filed through their lawyers ; Elias  Lukwago and Ladislous Rwakafuuzi, the MPs have cited several other  reasons  for  challenging the law which has since lifted the maximum and minimum  age for a person to contest for the office of the president in Uganda . Among them is;
The invasion of parliamentary chambers by armed security agencies, heavy security deployments on the day of tabling the bill, beating up,  torturing and expelling  of some Mps, and the smuggling  in of a  provision to extend  the tenure of office of current Mps and Local council councillors for more 2 years; a matter that was not under consideration by the Legal Affairs committee.
For that matter the MPs ask court to declare that the action  of president Museveni to  assent to an illegal bill  and the a decision to withdraw money from the consolidated fund to give  each MP   29  million shillings to consult his/electorate  were unconstitutional.
The Mps also want to be paid General damages for the psychological torture and mental anguish they claim they were subjected to.
The Mps petition to nullify the age-limit law  is second to that of the Uganda Law society filed in the Constitutional court  on Monday this week.