Minister Museveni call for teachers burn bill.

Education and sports minister Janet Kataha Museveni on Friday says that teachers who engage in multi-practice should be burned in education system and removed on pay role.

Kataha said this while releasing the primary leaving examination at the office of the prime minister in Kampala where by this year’s examinations of 2017 no school was caught rigging and said that the government is to discus on the bill that burns teachers who caught rigging exams for their students.

While teachers and  head teachers of all schools in Kampala district were picking their results from Nakasero Primary school, Nelor 24 news  interacted with some of about the law that is going to be implemented said by the minister for education and reacted supported the bill.

Maganda Solomon head teacher Edinance primary school says that, he supports the bill because this system of rigging makes young children grow up without no determination and love of reading to understand

He adds that rigging of exams weakens a child’s knowledge hence ruing hi/her future.

Twine Harriet a head teacher of Good day primary school says  that the government its self has a weakness when it comes to implements some laws which she says they dont work so it ends up in wasting time and government resources

Harriet further stressed that all schools in Uganda whether private or government should be facilitated and given allowances because private schools have been the leading from the start there for the money and materials they invest in government school also be given to private schools for the benefit of all children Uganda.