Minister Kyambadde’s husband released after 6 months in jail.

 Wilson Kyambadde ; Husband to Trade and Industry Minister  Amelia Kyambadde has been released from Luzira civil prison after serving his 6 months jail term.
According to prison’s spokes person Frank Baine , Kyambadde has been released by Luzira prison authorities this morning  upon completion of his sentence that he started on the afternoon of 10th/July 2017
On the fateful day of 10th/July 2017 , Kyambadde was picked by a court Baillif Kirunda Moses from Old Kampala as he was travelling for a burial.
Kirunda in company of a police officer whisked Kyambadde to Kampala  Highcourt’s execution division where deputy Registrar Flavia Nassuna Matovu ordered that he (Kyambadde ) be committed to Civil prison for failing to pay a one Amdan Khan his  1.1 billion shillings.
Kyambadde’s  troubles  stemmed from neglecting to respect a  Commercial Court judgement that ordered him to pay 1.1 bn shillings  to  Amdan Khan from whom he conned in 2012   under the guise of selling him a building at Nasser road in Kampala city.
However the storm is not yet over for Wilson Kyambadde because according to the Baillif  -Moses Kirunda , he has not yet made any payments towards clearing the debt .
Kirunda says the next step is now to attach Kyambadde’ s property in order to recover the said monies.
Since his committal , Amdan Khan has been  paying a daily fee of 3000 shillings to cater for Kyambadde’s  meals for the six months he has  spend in prison.